optimising the way your company deals with data

Our products

Management Information Systems and data warehouses
You gain: complex knowledge about your company with live updates and email alerts
Outsourcing / offshoring
of analysts teams or individuals
You gain: much lower employment costs with high level of proficiency. Transfer of employment related responsibilities, tasks and risks to SirAnalyst. Flexibility with team size and our wide experience
Analytical support
ad hoc reports and content-related support
You gain: dedicated analyst support to answer your queries by creating reports, ad-hoc analysis, forecasts, marketing lists, …
of strategies / processes / collection
You gain: EXTRA PROFIT with possibility to pay only for results
Risk management
You gain: operational / credit / liquidity / interest rate risk mitigation, loss reduction, improved cash flows, security
tailored to your needs
You gain: advanced tool to diversify potentially profitable and unprofitable customers and contractors, possibility to divide customers into uniform groups with unique approach, collection improvement

About Us

Data is the most valuable asset of each company.

We are technology and data oriented start-up created by people with multinational financial industry background.

With executive experience in companies with 250+ million EURO in assets.

Our team consists of highly experienced risk & collection managers, database & statistic experts and business analysis professionals with wide network of high quality data analysts.

  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • efficiency
  • cost-

Our Focus

We know that your company is unique

We will adjust SirAnalyst’s products and services to your requirements. Designing a new product especially for you would be a pleasure for us.

We know how valuable data is

Information security is a top priority for us. We have proven track record of building competitive advantage based on data.

We know that you don’t like expenses

You will be surprised by our low prices. Let us visit you and show what we can do FOR FREE.

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